Good sense applied to ventilation

    • LE ROY has developed a “Climate” range for the ventilation of livestock buildings. LE ROY offers high-performance equipment that improves the atmosphere, facilitates starting, and ensure the well-being of the breeder and poultry.
    • Forerunner on poultry heat recovery market, LE ROY was the first French company to design a heat exchanger for livestock buildings: the LEAD’AIR.
    • The heat exchanger LEAD’AIR is mainly used in poultry industry. It must be installed to ventilate different livestock productions as porcine, bovine or goat.
    • With the LEAD’AIR the hygrometry is controlled, and the thermal amplitude is reduced. Insufflation of a preheated new air limits gas consumption, offering energy savings.
    • LEAD EXP’AIR combines the functions of heating, heat exchanger and ventilation. It was rewarded in 2018 with an Innov’Space.
    • LEAD CLEAN’AIR is a filtration module. It filters and collects dust and particles inside the building and reduces emissions outside.
    • Equipement developed by LE ROY are integreated into the ventilation of the building. Indeed, they can be controlled by the building controller.